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  1. Faerieslayer Syntone/Richard 3:17
  2. Fields of Stars Syntone/Richard 2:44
  3. Dwarf Squad, Ho! Syntone/Richard 4:14

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How Symphony of the Machine (GGJ Edition) Works
Symphony of the Machine

Author: Richard on April 9, 2016

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Hey folks! It’s been a little while since the Global Game Jam, and our last post, but I figured I’d come along and explain how (Read More)…

Global Game Jam – Five Things I Took Away
It's me! I didn't have a more appropriate photo for this post!

Author: Stefan on February 3, 2016

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Hey everyone! I’ll jump right into this one, Richard gave a rundown of our time at the 2016 Global Game Jam in the last post, (Read More)…

Global Game Jam 2016
Global Game Jam

Author: Richard on January 31, 2016

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What a weekend! Both Stefan and I participated in the Global Game Jam this weekend, and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. It’s (Read More)…

Our Skills Are Yours

We are more than happy to lend our skills to any media based project you may be a part of. Whether it be game, film, radio, or perhaps you want a special piece for a loved one, our services are fair, fun, and extremely high quality.

We Are Fun

Midiboom is a side project by both Richard and Stefan, where they play games, discuss music and games (and sometimes game music), and write fun arrangements of existing pieces for an ever growing fanbase. Learn more, and subscribe here.


We Are Syntone

Syntone is a collaboration between Richard Gaynor and Stefan Pugliese. Masters at their craft, Syntone pools their skills to create wonderful music, brilliant audio, and exhilarating sound design. Throughout any project they are part of, you will hear a distinct high quality in the audio.

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